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    Bob and Jeanetta Reed formed Christ-Centered Ministries to work in the local prison population. In 2007 Bob started working as Chaplain in the Stone County jail. Bob developed a ministry team to conduct chapel services. He provides practical items such as T-shirts, shampoo, Christian books and glasses.
    Bob listens to inmates and prays with them, but most importantly Bob is giving inmates hope for a new life in Christ. One of the avenues for discipleship is through Teen Challenge. Bob worked with Don Wilkerson in the early days of Teen Challenge and a field rep and fundraiser in 1969 and 1970. Teen Challenge provides a wonderful opportunity for men and women to learn and build a strong foundation for a Christian life.
    Bob has worked with several young men and helped them get accepted into the Teen Challenge program. Five young men have graduated from Teen Challenge of the 4 States in Neosho five men whose lives have been changed by God's transforming power.


    It was so long ago, but I still remember. It was December 1978, Cortland, New York. We had just moved there for me to become associate pastor in a local Assembly. Out of curiosity (now I see it was God's leading), I went to the downtown jail to introduce myself as a new pastor in the area and to visit the inmates. The first deputy told me to "come back Sunday when the preachers come." Another deputy walking through said, "Come with me." It became evident to me that a very important mission field lay inside the jail itself. It was tightly closed and hidden away from the general populace. In a short time I knew this was my mission field.

    While newly married and workingin Teen Challenge in Little Rock, Arkansas, I was asked to do a studyat Cummins Prison in Grady, AR. On May 5, 1971, I made the following entry in my journal. "Why has God given me such a love for this work and the men? It has been sauch a tremendous experience being able to minister at Cummins to these men. Leaving the prison we spoke to an old man who had been there 8 years and was getting out in a week. The men really got next to me and it seems here, in such a gruessome place, the Gospel is shared so little."
    Finally, the real full-time launch into this mission field came when the church board told me I was too involved at the jail in January of 1980 - 30 years ago! It was scary as we left the comfort of the church and salary. This felt like a difficult journey in the natural and definitely a step of faith. In our first letter I wrote, "We are believing that the LORD would not have this work come to a halt but rather expand in a greater reality." Little did I know what my/our future held! The abbreviated history of New York Prison Ministries (NYPM), later changed to Christ-Centered Ministries Inc (CCMI), reads thus: full-time work in....

    Cortland County Jail 1980-1993 - most notable was the fact that my friend Judge Charles J Mullen allowed many inmates the option of Teen Challenge instead of State Prison.

    Jamesville Penn 1982-2002 - became one of the official chaplains. God gave me outstanding volunteers over those years who were so vital. It was here that I collected a large assortment of prison art - and I am still hosting art Shows to this day.
    Fordland Correctional Center 2003-2004 - supervising inmates in a woodshop while doing a study once a week.

    Green County Jail 2005-2006 (14 months) - appointed as chaplain, through the week I did one-on-one, personal visits on the 'blocks' (where they lived) and on the week-ends I did 'traffic control' for the inmates and those coming in to conduct church services and other programs.

    Victory Mission 2006-2007 (10 months) - chaplain at a large mission in Springfield, MO.

    Stone County Jail -November 15, 2007 - I was appointed as the first ever chaplain. I've had such joy in being able to freely create programs and to meet the practical needs as well as proclaiming the Gospel. The rest is history and we still don't know what the future holds! God is still working behind prison bars to set the captive free! Praise His Holy name.

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