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This page is set up to download family history books written by Jackie Scott in PDF form. This is not a complete list of his books, but it is all that I could recover in data form. Some of these are very large so it is a good idea to be prepared to save the files on your computer. Some of the larger files take several minutes to download. After saving the file you can access it from your own computer anytime or print a hard copy for yourself.

I promote the idea that the more copies out there, we will not loose this family information. I hope this site will help people find the information that they are looking for.

A partial list of families included in these books are; Scott, Bradford, Sellers, Maples, Huff, Barker, Fortner and many others.

This is a free service and I am looking forward to seeing it grow.

We do reserve the right to refuse to publish information not oppropriate for our page.

Forty Years of Memories.

Forty Years of Memories is a short 11 page book that Jackie wrote to celebrate Jackie and Eva's fortieth wedding anniversary this would be a good book to download first to get the idea how this system works. - 442 KB

Our Times Are History.

Our Tmes is a good general history of the Scott, Bradford and related families. This is a 285 page book that has a lot of family history with several family photos. - 252,768 MB

Life and Times of Jackie and Eva Scott.

This book was written for their grandchildren, but it includes a lot of family history not in his other books. This is a 195 page book. - 1,452 MB

Broad River Crossing is family tree information on William B. Bradford.

this is a very complete compiling of family tree informatio. It is a large 317 page book and gets to the Ponce de Leon Bradfords about page 208. This is a well documented book to have if you are interested in family history. - 12,968 MB

PSST The Everett Barker Story.

Everett Barker married Juanita Glidewell after Orville Glidewell passed away. This is a very complete history of the Barker and related families, this includes the Bradford clan. - 9,493 MB

Trails End, I think Jackie Scott's last book.

I think Trails end is the last book jackie wrote. It is a reflection on his life and is really a good book to get to know him, lots of information. - 1,o36 MB


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