Jim Owen Boat Line

Photo's of float trips down the White River.

Who was this man, Jim Owen?
Former Branson Mayor, Float Guide, and Area Promoter.

I purchased some photo's of the Jim Owen Boat Line and wanted to share them. Thanks to the David Albin Perkins family who donated a set of photos of a 1952 float trip down the White River we, have included them on their own link below. THANK YOU. If you have any comments or have some photo's or stories that you want included, let me know. Who knows where this page will go.

It is hard to figure out what made Branson, Missouri what it is today. The 1907 Harold Bell Wright book, Sheperd of the hills, spread the news about the people of the Ozarks, but the local roads made it hard on visitors. Jim Owen was a figure in the regions history that sent news of the Ozarks beauty and seclusion from coast to coast. Jim was a promoter, he and other float companies introduced float fishing to outsiders and it soon became a booming business for the area. The most popular trip was from the Galena area down to Branson or even farther. The trips took from 5 to 9 days with camping along the river bank.
1940's employee's Jim Owen with big bass Unloading John Boats
John Boats Catch of the day Camping along White River
How To Build a John Boat David Perkins Float Trip Sunset along White River

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